Shortchanged workers demand back-pay from Force Corporation

Dozens of protesters, including workers who say they are owed more than $15,000 in back wages, gathered on Route 1 in Norwood, MA on January 13 before marching on the offices of Fairfield Residential.

The local construction workers and their supporters, including local clergy members, delivered a letter calling on luxury residential outfit Fairfield Residential to either pay the back wages the workers are owed for their hours worked on Fairfield projects, or to demand that Fairfield’s subcontractor, Force Corporation, pay the owed wages immediately.

Advocates pointed to Force Corporation’s long history of controversial labor practices as evidence that Fairfield should have known they were utilizing a subcontractor who may potentially engage in unethical labor practices.

Protesters also demanded that Fairfield negotiate with workers and the community to establish a documented process to prevent future wage theft by Force Corporation or any other subcontractor it uses.

Workers have banded together across the state to propose legislation that would curb the more than $700 million in wage theft that occurs each year in the Bay State.

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